Job Application - Audio Visual Technician

Aspen Technologies requires their AV technicians and Programmer candidates be an on-site coordinator for all work items and tasks that their responsible Project Manager assigns to them. In this role, you would be the eyes and ears of the Project Manager when he is not physically on site. These roles require self-motivation for performing most tasks assigned.

Some characteristics needed are:

  • Self-motivated with a positive attitude when coming to work.
  • Able to promote the company, co-workers, clients and partners.
  • Able to represent themselves as a responsible, professional liaison to a customer as required to do so by his Project Manager.
  • Preferred:  CTS-I, CTS-D.
  • Preferred:  Crestron Certified, Biamp Certified.
  • Preferred:  Knowledge of DSP layout and programming.
  • Able to travel from time to time in 2 week increments if needed / requested.
  • Punctual and honest.
  • Able to fill out required paperwork in a clean and legible format.
  • Interact with others and learn from their experience.
  • Integrate and learn other connecting IP technology and systems.
  • Fun and positive attitude that is able to work with a similar type environment every day.

A list of job duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Assist and perform all required design install tasks to create a working AV design.
  • Fill out and communicate all required paperwork each day prior to leaving job site.
  • Be able to consistently perform all tasks required on site to complete the entire scope of work committed to the customer.
  • Able to work nights, weekends when needed.
  • Flexible to learn and perform additionally required tasks if required from time to time.
  • Attend and learn from provided training to keep them certified and knowledgeable of all required product lines.


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